BubbleMama started as a fun outlet for me.  I began drawing what I saw and heard around me in my beach town.  I have been using Instagram as my main platform to share my cartoons and comics, under the names: @bubblemama69 and @ocbubblemama - making light of myself and others that live in the Southern California beach towns like, Manhattan Beach and Newport Beach.  As an artist, I wanted to fine tune my drawing skills and of course the humor crept in!   I recently created Trucker hats, as they are the essential accessory for all Bubblemamas.  $1 per hat sale goes to a Pediatric Cancer charity called UnRavel Pediatric Cancer - this was inspired by a friends story with her own son.  As moms, we have to keep a great sense of humor when dealing with the shenanigans that are thrown our way.   Laughing at all the nonsense and shenanigans that goes on, gets us through it all and this is where the bubblemama was born.